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SKU: DA-101 / Traffic Safety Light Bar


Main Features:
  • Traffic Police, Highway Patrol
  • Emergency Services
  • Firefighters, Army
  • Security Forces,Air Traffic Control
  • Personnel Parking Guide
  • Construction Sites.

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Safety Light Bar is electronically controlled safety device which helps in controlling traffic during night time. Visible from distance in the dark, it provides signal to the distant motorists. LED and fluorescent cast vinyl film in the bar emits highly visible signals. Fitted with flashlight, Light Bar is powered by two battery cells, it can be operated by two-way switch for blinking as well as flash light.

  • Made of polycarbonate material it is exceedingly durable and crystal clear transparent.
  • Safety light bar has been designed with electronic chip, equipped with rechargeable battery.
  • Florescent cast vinyl film is used inside the bar to emit highly visible signals.

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