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Road Studs

Road Safety Items

Road Studs

  • Reflective road studs provide most effective night guidance even under the most adverse weather conditions.
  • There is a superb range of top quality, dynamically designed studs having excellent quality standards.
  • The studs are visible and can also be heard and felt, due to the rumble when a vehicle crosses over them.
  • Road Studs are available in different sizes to delineate the carriage way both at the center and at the edges of roads.
  • These are available in aluminium as well as in rigid ABS plastic.
  • The special material composition enables the studs to bear severe impacts.
  • The specific reflective panel of the studs provides very high reflectivity.
  • DA-1012

    Road Stud
  • DA-1007

    Road Stud
  • DA-51

    Road Stud
  • DA-52

  • DA-971

    Road Stud
  • DA-971-P

    Road Stud
  • DA-972

    Road Stud
  • DA-978

  • ECO-32

  • DA-53

    road studs
  • DA-52

    Road Stud (WITH SHANK)

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