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  • Road safety cones meet world-class quality standards.Made up of high quality LDPE (Low Density Poly Ephyleme) using UV stabilizers, these cones remain unchanged in color, in all weather conditions. Their bright hues make them visible from distance.Fitted with highly reflective sleeve, these cones can be used for traffic monitoring.Quite versatile, these Cones are compatible with various types of road safety accessories such as barricade tape, Plastic chain, safety light bar, message plates, Flags etc Provided with In built heavy rubber base at the bottom, these cones remain intact in heavy wind pressure.
Main Features:
  • This uniquely designed safety cone is light-weighted, sturdy, portable and able to resist high pressure winds, due to it’s aerodynamic design.
  • It is constituted by high quality materials including unique rubber base and also Cone is UV stabilized, to ensure top notch quality and stability of the colour.

800 mm
3500 gram

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